What is WorkPal?

WorkPal is a complete workflow management software solution designed and built in Northern Ireland. 

An end-to-end management tool from job assignment to invoicing. WorkPal has been designed and developed by our in-house software team and is a Web App for Office PC users and a Smartphone App that instantly synchronises the paperwork of office and field based teams, transforming the assignment, management and scheduling of jobs, paperwork and invoicing.


Job Assignment

Create customised job sheets and instantly assign them to field workers. The smartphone app guides field workers through the tasks, working both online and offline.


Scheduling Software

Ensure no conflicts occurs with job times for the days and weeks ahead. WorkPal keeps your schedule right.


Real Time Tracking

Job progress notifications are automatically sent to management. WorkPal will accurately track worker shifts and job time, eliminating the need for paper time sheets.

One Bill-Invoicing

Invoicing & Finance

Invoice clients directly with costs directly captured in WorkPal. WorkPal integrates with business account software including Sage, Xero and Quickbooks.


Report Builder

Completed jobs will sync detailed reports back to the office system, including job notes, forms, photographs and customer signatures. Everything is logged with timestamps and GPS tracking information.


Asset Management

WorkPal allows you to monitor and track the service history and movement of your assets. Asset scanning, where mobile workers can scan a QR code or bar code through WorkPal helps field staff to identify specific assets, log any faults, and record any material used.

£ k
Average Customer Savings per Year
Extra jobs completed per mobile worker, per month
Minutes saved per admin worker, per day
Reduction in monthly fuel costs

What is Workflow Management Software?

Workflow management software is the process of attaining increased capacity in our mobile workflow by assessing the processes that currently take place. Our workflow management software solution aims to future-proof our customer’s processes with the ability to provide field workers the right information, at the right location at the right time. WorkPal keeps the mobile workforce focused on their immediate priorities and gives them full access to their work schedule, job briefs, all necessary documentation and real time integration with back-office systems.


Enhanced Productivity


Cost saving 2

Reduced Costs


Effortless Planning & Scheduling


Tailored to your Requirements


Improved Customer Relations

What our customers say

“WorkPal has transformed the way we operate. From scheduling to invoicing, everything is more efficient. Allowing us to spend more time developing our business and less time trawling through paperwork"
Adam Gilmore
Managing Director
AG Electrical

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