The Right Time To Switch?

When is the right time to switch? If you’re not prepared to modernise your business phone system, you could be left behind. Doing nothing is not the best option It’s very easy to make a case for updating your organisation’s IT system. The latest operating systems will be faster and smarter. Updating your IT network …

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Win the race for talent with A Hosted phone system

Background The telephone system is undoubtedly the lifeblood of any recruitment company. Contact with candidates and clients is what drives business forward, therefore the chosen system must be reliable and offer the features required to  operate as efficiently as possible.  The Challenge With all of these outbound calls, call costs can be high too. Plus, …

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VoIP Features

VoIP Features You’ve heard how amazing it is and all the wonderful benefits it will have your business, but what does VoIP actually do? We’ve heard this so much recently. People are very quick to sell you a trip to the moon but don’t tell you how you’re actually getting there. Well in this case, …

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Evolution of Telecoms

The Evolution of Telecoms Heard of it or not, VoIP will be taking over the standard fixed line telephones that you (probably) have sitting right beside you as you read this. BT is pushing ahead with plans to shut its traditional network in the UK, with intentions of pushing customer to IP telephony by 2025. …

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The Barclay Group brings Super-Fast VoIP to Wilsons Auctions

With the official demise of traditional fixed line systems on the horizon, it’s hardly surprising that more and more NI businesses are switching to VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) phone systems. The Barclay Group, Northern Ireland’s largest independent telecommunications company is at the forefront of this revolution. As a £22 million turnover operation with more than …

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