VoIP Features

VoIP Features

You’ve heard how amazing it is and all the wonderful benefits it will have your business, but what does VoIP actually do? We’ve heard this so much recently. People are very quick to sell you a trip to the moon but don’t tell you how you’re actually getting there. Well in this case, you’re going first class with free champagne and caviar the whole ride there. Basically VoIP is great for improving your business communications but it’s the amazing features of the system that make these improvements possible. (Can’t you tell we love analogies here?) 

So what can it do you ask?


(And these are just some)

The beauty of a VoIP system? Internet, anywhere! This means you can set up camp anywhere is your office, at home, in Starbucks, doctors, dentists, sports days. You get the point. One number from anywhere in the world means you can login to your portal or smartphone and make, receive, forward or hold calls without being chained to your office desk phone. Just click it and VoIP dials it.

Phones ringing off the hook? Hunt groups allows you to distribute and allocate incoming calls across a group or team. More people means more calls answered. It’s way more efficient and reduces the bottle neck at reception. Shorter waiting times = happier customers!

*Ring Ring, Ring Ring* “WHY ARE THEY NOT ANSWERING ME?! (Common phrase found in modern offices) Busy lamp lights allows you to see when your colleagues are free or when they are on a call.

“There’s Karen calling from that place trying to sell me branded hair bands again.” There are lots of calls we really don’t want to take, especially those that are unapproved call types. You can set up call rejections and call barring to improve your security and fraud prevention and might just save you screaming no down the phone for the 29th time that day.

You swear you read out those T&C’s to that person. No more ‘get it in writing’ nonsense. All calls are recorded and stored should you ever need to listen back to anything. 

Through the call reporting feature you are able to record all data so better business decisions can be made. See your call history, call lengths, call traffic, on hold times and much more. 


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